Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Faux Silk Card

We made this card this weekend at my crop class!

I used a retired stamp set, from the Country Living promotion a couple years back.

I love this set, I can't make myself get rid of it!

We learned this technique at our annual Hawaiian Ink group meeting last weekend!

We will be learning this technique at our Christmas card classes in December!!
I am making a few of these to sell at my craft fairs!

A Very Special Thank You!

I did The local Buckler Craft Fair back in August of this year. I met his girl who had that crazy look in her eye that I recognized immediately when she walked up to my booth. She had won a gift certificate from the craft fair for $20.00 and she could spend it anywhere she wanted to in the whole craft fair. She came walking up, with her eyes all lit up, they were sparkling like only a lady who knows the joy of stamping, crafting and scrap booking could! Yes, she had the look! I was very busy, but I new she would be back. She looked all around the fair and came back and spent her $20.00 with me and signed up for one of my Scrapbook DVD tin classes. She came to class and girlfriend was decked out in the latest designer scrappin gear! If we had been in a mall she would have been the "Coach Store" okay? MY other ladies, who were kinda of just getting their feet wet said, "this girl is SERIOUS about all this business." Well ladies, let me tell you this young lady has turned out to be an amazing stamper and crafter! She has been helping daily prepare all my projects for the upcoming event s that I have, plus she is of course now in training for becoming a demonstrator!(Remember, I told ya the look in the eye). I could have never been able to produce this much in this period of time without her. I am doing The Buckler Craft Fair Thanksgiving Weekend and have been able 2 add in 2 more craft fairs before that thanks to her help!! The girl has" mad skills" we like to say! She is getting ready to move and join her husband in Korea(he is in the military) and I am going to miss her so much!! But she is definitely going to be taking Stampin' UP! to Korea, that is if she can pass her color chart test before she goes!! LOL
Wendy, thank you for all your hard work and most of all for your friendship! That is what I love the most about SU is all the wonderful people I have met through my journey as a demonstrator.