Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hostess Wanted!!

Have you been thinking about hosting a Stampin' Up! Workshop or just getting a group of friends together to create scrapbook pages, cards for the Holidays, and cute little personal handmade gifts for your loved ones for the Holidays?
Let's take that one step further....
Are you a committee chair and have to provide little party favors for a big event
or maybe your hosting a Holiday Extravaganza of your own.
As a Stampin' UP! Creative coach I can help you do all these things either through hosting a workshop and receiving all these Sweet Reward benefits!!
( click on the picture on the side bar and it will take you right to the flyer with all the details!)
or through attending my classes or choose a one on one class option.
Have you all these products you have accumulated and don't know what to do with them?
Let me help you in time for the Holidays get crafty and turn those items in your corner or closet into treasured memories for someone you love!
I learned everything by watching my friends in my stamping group and now I have a job that I love to share with others!
Book a workshop today and receive a FREE catalog plus all these amazing extra hostess benefits offered by Stampin' UP! And of course a nice lil gift from me!
Hope to hear from you soon!!