Friday, August 19, 2011

The Milk Carton Challenge

Our stamp group has been together quite a long time and I absolutely love how everyone helps each other and when we have a new member join us someone always takes them under their wing and makes them feel comfortable. Our new member Miss Kathy is amazing!
She is very talented and I feel so blessed that she chose to join our group.
This our class where we made the milk carton you saw in my last post.
A few ppl feel apprehensive when it comes to the milk carton, but together we sweep away the anxiety and help each other.

Deb & Becky showing off their Milk Carton boxes. it was a popular project once they saw how easy it really was . I had made all the mistakes already when I first made so I was able to share those with them so they would not have to experience the frustration.

Sandra is giving Deb Brown the thumbs up as she finishes her project and displays
it beautifully as always.
I love my job, teaching and sharing with others my endeavors in crafting.
God has blessed me immensely with this wonderful group of friends.