Thursday, June 17, 2010

Group Gathering in Plant City

Our fearless leader Lisa Curcio, has always been an avid SU advocate and strictly enforces the "NO CONTRABAND" rule at group meeting, swaps and such. So we were giving her a little tease showing her how quick and easy the scor-tape is to us because you can just tear it and there is no staticy red thing hanging from your finger that is impossible to get off. She absolutley hates it when we use these new items that are so tempting because she is a SU girl all the way!
She never steps foot into a craft store and just will not use anything that is not SU!
Gotta love the will power!
So then we taught her the NEW terminology for contraband in Jan Tink's terms
which is "Rubbah Adultary" so this is Lisa expression in her Italian dilac practicing "Hey! I told ya "No Rubbah Adultary" she is the best. This picture was taken at our group meeting back home at my upline Pat Nelson's home where we gathered for a year end party.

A few card samples I snapped a few pictures then my camera battery died!!
This is Pat giving us some business news

This card was made by one of my Serenity Stampers downline Linda Clendening

Linda also made this awesome Father's Day card . Yeah it's cute and all. But have you ever tried to tie a tie on your hubby well try tying one on a card! Very Tricky indeed. she is very talented.

I have wanted this stamp set all year long and have finally ordered it. I can't wait to make these two beautiful cards my upline Pat Nelson made.