Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brentwood Hills Craft Fair

Me at the Brent wood Hills Craft Fair Staturday November 8th!

Scrapbbok Tins, Journal Tins and Candy tins are all hot items this year!

This is my card spindle which I bought off a local craft store. It had three tiers to it and my husband took out the third tier and made a table topper for me with the other section. It is so wonderful to have such a handy supportive husband. The other hanging sections with the candy tins in it are racks that my friend Diana picked up at Jo'Anns in Temple Terrace for a couple of bucks when they were going out of business. I couldn't believe how good that worked out!What a space saver up and off the table.

Check out my little Christmas tree ( found it at Beall's for $12.99, it even has lights) with the Christmas ornaments on them! There's my table top card spindle.

Here is the gift box sets and all the stocking fillers!

Brentwood Hills Craft Fair
Hope you enjoyed the photos from the craft fair I went to yesterday!
Traffic was pretty slow compared to last year, but it was a great opportunity
for me to practice my set up for the next two larger craft fairs I have coming up this month!
All of these items are on sale right now in my craft store. Feel free to stop by and browse around.
I met some really great fellow crafters yesterday! Looking forward to seeing them again at other events! I have to say thanks to my friend Wendy, who without her help
none of this would be possible. Also, my good buddy Diana came and hung out with me too.
Diana is a wonderful friend to have you can always count on her. She will doing a craft fair in Temple Terrace next weekend. I will give you the details when I get them!

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