Friday, January 23, 2009

"Hawaiian Ink" Goes to Leadership!

"Hawaiian Ink" in Orlando 2009
led by Lisa Curcio, Sr. Manager of Brandon. Florida.
Our downlines met up with us on Friday night for dinner before Regionals Saturday Morning.
What a great time we had talking about the new catalog and all the possibilities that lie before us

Leadership Conference 2009
"Imagine the Possibilities"
Charlene, Heather, Kim, Lisa, and Whitney(me)

Former model and now Stampin' Beauty Charlene, conducts a little down line meeting at dinner with our girls that arrived from the East Coast.

One of the most wonderful parts of my trip was the time I got to spend with Kim Medlock and Heather Medford(not shown in this photo). Being a member of Hawaiian Ink has been one of the greatest journey of my life. Leadership this year was filled with inspirational moments and times of reflection. I think the greatest part was reflecting over the past 2 1/2 years and seeing the growth in myself and my business and how it has changed my life spiritually and financially.

As a new demonstrator, I was very eager and very fortunate to be a business builder from the get go! There were so many times I would call my up line and be discouraged when something didn't work out and meet my expectations. Lisa would always ask me the very first question...

Have you prayed about your business today? Once I learned that part of my daily prayer and meditation should include my business and that with God should be at the center of my business.Then if I applied spiritual principles to my business practices just as I did in my personal life and relationships things began to change for me. God led me down the Craft show circuit and I was apprehensive at first and then after my first successful event, I starting seeing that by standing on faith and believing that others believed in me even when I wasn't so sure myself it helped give me that nudge I needed to preservere. From the profits of that craft fair in August 08 I was able to turn my garage into a stamp studio and craft store with the help of my DH. I have done 4 more craft shows and through that my business has tripled in the past six months. I have met some of the most amazing people.

If one thing Lisa Curcio (my up line) has taught me is perseverance. Not only does she teach it, she walks it. I can see it in my fellow sidelines like Heather Medford who made cruise this year and the whole group Charlene and Heather have put together, I see those values being passed on and that is what makes this kind of business work!

So my goal for this year is PERSEVERANCE! and to meet as many new people and touch their lives through creativity, friendship and fellowship and leave the rest up to God!
May each of you be blessed today and create something beautiful for yourself!

I wanted to mention a special person I spent some time with her name is Kim Medlock. She is also in Hawaiian Ink, although we have met before. At leadership we shared some moments that I hold very dear and believe me she has all the right INGREDIENTS!!

Heather and Charlene makin and takin!!

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