Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Shot Sizzix Die Cut Storage

My DH and I did some major remodeling in my stampin studio today.

I recently converted my garage into a bigger studio than I had in my home. In my home I had very high counters that he designed because I am 5'1 and bending over a table all day left me with a terrible back ache. Because I am a stander and after ALL DAY that takes a toll. I can't sit and stamp. Plus you have to get up every 5 minutes to get something so what is the point?

Long story short, I have been bending over the 8ft tables working, doing assembly work for upcoming crops and craft fairs I have coming up and after countless hours of rubbing my back spasms I guess he decided theat is was time to get out in the wood shop and find a solution to all those little comments I keep making. You know the subtle honeydew wish list.
So, he took pieces of PVC pipe and extended the legs on my table and made them higher for when I am working alone. Easily removed when class time comes. Also the picture above is my new storage for my die cuts. He bought a piece of a Rubbermaid rack at Lowe's and turned it upside down and tilted it out and used braces from bookshelves and mounted it to the wall right above my work station. The dies fit perfectly into the slats, but it did bounce alot with out the braces. You can read each name of the die, see it clearly and I have marked each die with the measurement that the CS needs to be cut to die cut it. How many times did you measure that large scallop before you remembered it is 4 3 /4 x 4 3/4. So I wrote them on the top. Saves me so much time and paper.

These wooden little beauties is one of the very first things he made for me to keep supplies in a few years back when I had very little supplies, boy I outgrew these in a hurry. So I have all my cutting plates, acrylic pads, crease pad, texture plates and impressions plates and pads and then of course all my cuttlebug embossing folders. The there is a little metal tin with all my sizzlits and embosslits in it.I had this tin a friend gave to me and said decorate this and make it beautiful, I don't know what to do with t. So, I have finally found a use for it.

Here is all my different types and shapes of chip board. Hint: Every time you go to a restaurant ask for a few coasters here and there and you will have a collection before you know it. I use the coasters which are more light weight behind my Serif essentials to give them a sturdy backing.

I have an eight foot table with my rotary cutter, scor-pal, the bins have all my SU chipboard pieces and alphabets in it, then my new circle scissors, Big Shot, then my embossing station. All in one area on one table. It's awesome. Over on the left by the rotary cutter I have my filing cabinet( not in the picture) with all my full sheets of Card stock and my filing cabinet with my scraps in it next to it. Then my stand for my 12x12 and mybins for my DSP.
One stop chopping , scoring, circle cutting, big shotting and embossing all in row!!

I think I have died and gone to Stampin' Heaven!!

Truly girls I have the best husband. He was one of my first recruits when we were still engaged and then of course he became my supporting demonstrator when we married. so he knows how important it is to be organized and use time wisely. Makes for a less cranky wife in the evening.

I hope this helps anyone who may have been feeling like me..... Tired of looking for this and that!

Now it is all at my fingertips!! I have another surprise for you on the other side of the room it is gorgeous but I will post it when I finish some projects on it.

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