Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Merry Moment I got a blog award !

This is the Good Luck and Good Fortune Award!

It was sent to me by one of my favorite bloggers I follow daily!

She provides me with amazing inspiration and she is so wonderful to take pictures and give directions for us. I appreciate her time and the quality of her work.

you have to visit Patti Lee's blog site at :

Now according to the rules of an award recipient I get to share 10 of my favorite blog sites with you! These ladies inspire me on a daily basis. Give me wonderful creative ideas plus ideas on how to run my business by being an excellent example of what makes Stampin' Up work.


So here they are.........I am feeling very sentimental because it is Thanksgiving so I will not be short with my compliments. each of these deserves all the kind words I can find!

1. Gretchen Barron-for her Halloween Frankie and Frances and Santa and his side kicks

2. Patty' Stamping Spot- for her new found love of MDS, which I think she is brillant for the amazing tutorials she has provided us with and the beautiful projects.
Check her out here:

3. Heather Wright-Porto-at blogs by Heather. Her blog newsletter and she is a super blog maintenance guru.I was having a technical problem with blogger
( well really I was the technical problem LOL)
I emailed Heather and within an hour she emailed me back and gave me the solution simply because I subscribe to her blog. No fee and no expectations in return just her good will. Visit her here:

4. Becky Roberts at Inking Idaho- who probably is on everyone's favorite list.
she inspires me creatively and business wise. I like the way she runs her business and is so kind in sharing her projects for much inspiration. Visit her here at

5. This blogger is one of my customers Sue Gilroy , I encouraged her to start her own blog because her work is so amazing. I am so proud of her and she inspires me because it shows me that what I am doing with my life is working and blessing others.
Classes and our relationships with our customers are the key element. With Stampin' Up we offer you a personal coach with each product you purchase, she always utilized that aspect and you can see the results in her crafting here at

6. Laurie from Stampin Up North- I can always count on Laurie for 3 things.
When I need inspiration and I am at a creative stand still her blog always offers me a solution, a recipe and she's always good for a sweet comment on my blog! Love you!
Have to visit her, she is a great crafter and cook!

7. Nancy Riley for ISTAMP- for her wonderful weekly IPicks every Monday! The time she must spend putting this together for us. Thanks Nancy! Visit her at

8. Amy Celona at U Stamp for Fun- video tutorials, directions and amazing crafty crafts visit her at /

9. Andrea Walford- Sunny Stampin' Inc. - her amazing tutorials, class planners and projects. she offers wonderful business advice in her montly newsletter, fb, twitter .Extremely cutting edge. Visit her at

10.Last but certainly not least Angie Kennedy Juda- Chic & Scratch

This blog vetern offers wonderful video tutorials, newsletters and her site is chalk full of wonderful projects full of inspiration and creativity.Trust me it speaks for it's self. I met her last year at leadership ad she is truly a humble lady and vey kind,visit her here

Wow!! that was alot, but I owe these ladies so much. thank you to each and everyone of you!

Now for the award rules, you click on the award picture and save it as a picture and post it on your blog and pick 10 ppl that inspire you link their blog site to their name and notify them of their award by email of their award.

Happy Thanksgiving!!



angie said...

Hey Whitney,
thanks for the award!
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nancy Riley said...

Whitney, THANK YOU so much for the wonderful award! I am truly honored, and keeping very good company with this list of talented stampers!

laurie said...

Thanks so much for the award Whitney! You rock!I am anxious to check out the other blogs...they sound awesome!