Saturday, August 6, 2011

Are We Forgetting the Most Important Part of Stamping

A sick puppy card for a friend

A Cars card for a grandson

The Grinch Fancy Favor Box

Kitty in a fishbowl
*** all cards above made by Deb Brown the punch art Queen of our group!
I see so many techniques we have learned in class in these cards!!

Are We Forgetting an Important Part of Stamping?

When was the last time you put a hand-stamped card in the mail to someone? Picture your friend, trudging out to her mailbox in 100+ degree weather, opening the mailbox door and pulling out a stack of mail. She flips through the pile, finding mostly flyers, bills, and wait, what’s this?? A sweet Whisper White envelope — “High quality!,” she thinks to herself. And what’s that on the corner? Could it be… a hand-stamped little picture? “What a great day for mail,” she’s thinking now with a smile to herself.

Isn’t it a great feeling to pass that friendly smile along? When you have your stamps out to craft a card, remember to pick up the envelope you’re going to use and add a quick decoration to the outside. Let your friends and family know right there at the mailbox that there’s something fun in their mail that day. Don’t forget to stamp your envelopes!

My customer Deb Brown is a faithful class participant and she is constantly making cards and sending them to friends and family. So I had to ask myself am I really remembering the real reason I stamp? Am i getting those cards I teach out to friends and family when they are in need or do I hoard them and look at them on my shelf.

So I challenge us all to put a smile on someone's face with a hand stamped gift or card not through social networking a Happy Birthday email but a beautiful creation by our own hands.

Have fun!

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