Thursday, August 18, 2011

Milk Carton Tutorial

Timeless Porait Milk Carton (convention project)
(2) Cherry cobbler cut milk cartons, cut off the last tab
Adhere scor-tape to the tabs on each milk carton

Now that they are adjoined in the middle, leave them flat do not adhere the second end
At this point take a 1 3/4 x 9 1/2 piece of DSP and snail it to the mid section of the box. I used the black and vanilla from TP- DSP ( not in the photo)

Here's the trick for the top, took me a while to get this part right. You fold each piece of the top like the above picture and use your cropadile & use the largest hole setting and punch your hole between that small triangle, then fold the next piece over and keep doing the same thing all the way around. ( See the picture below)

  • The dots are where the twine go through in the triangle and the dots in the middle are where I put the black brads.
  • Remember it is still flat at this point but you have to fold it in your hand to punch the holes (this image represents that)when you poke the holes in the top.
  • Use cropadile not paper piercer.
  • Hold it in you hand and go around. ( this looks like it is adhered but it is not.) when done
  • Weave your twine through and pull it tight and tie. The box will then take some shape.
  • With the bottom or the bottom you are going to just let it take it's natural fold in put scor-tape on every bottom flap except the bottom one closest to the inside of the box you do not want scor-tape on the flap at the bottom of you box. You would have scor-tape at the bottom of your box.
This is the best way I know how to explain it, the top is tricky but I hope these directions will help a bit. you may call me or email with any questions.
Hope you enjoy!

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