Friday, October 28, 2011

Visit to the Stampin' Up! Home Office!

If you love Stampin' Up! you will understand that I felt like a little kid in a candy store!
They have several rooms decorated with amazing ideas if your mind can absorb all that creativity at once. I will share more rooms with you on a later post. I like this picture because Established elegance is my favorite stamp set. I love the old time type writer.It is incredible how far technology has come since then.

We were able to visit the picking center where our SU orders are filled and we got a little deeper tour because the worker's were on a break. This is your little brown box filled with all your goodies on the conveyor going to the truck.

this is so cool a sticker with a bar code is put on your box with the packing slip coded into it as your box goes down the conveyor belt as shown in the pic below the staff fills the orders,

My heart started beating pretty fast when we walked down the aisle with all the products!

Here is where they pick your items and box them up. Then at the end before they are taped up they are weighed to make sure that each products weight is in the box, if it is not then it is sent to quality control and picked through by hand to make sure the correct items are in there.
I found it interesting to see how much work goes into getting us our products.

I was so delighted when my Demonstrator Business Development representative Gwen came down to meet my family and I. She was a wonderful DBD and helped me alot with my business.
She has moved to a different position in the company closer to the creative geniuses.

View of the home office

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