Friday, April 16, 2010

A Blog Award from San Fran!

I received a blog award from Patti Lee at
It says: Your Blog is A Charm!
I am listing (7) wonderful people that inspire me on a daily basis and are a huge inspiration in my business! I send much love and thanks to them all!
Now... go visit their beautiful work at the following links: Kay Sha - Kimberly Van Dipen Patti Lee Leann Gaff Patty Bennett Gretchen Barron – Deann Oliver - Jan Tink

Thank you Patti! You have 14 days to get on that plane to Daytona!
My group is not that big nor intimidating- your a star in your own right.
Oh ..... what's that???Now that they have seen your blog- I hear chanting for you to come be a guest designer!! LoL- Patti! Patti! Patti!
Ladies!!....... calm down.... I am trying to get her on the plane.... be patient.

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