Tuesday, August 3, 2010

HUGE Thanks to Blogs by Heather

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Heather Wright-Porto the guru of Blogger at www.blogsbyheather.com

Last week I opened up my blog to post and all the words had just disappeared off my blog! I had abslolutley no idea where to begin...and once before when my edit HTML button had got clicked and all the gibberish was just showing up, but all it took was a quick click from Heather to put me back on compose and I was up and going again. I receive Heather's newsletter every month chalk full of all the helpful hints that she gives on how to blog on Blogger and Word Press. So this month in a panic again of course I emailed her at 5:30 am and by 10am she had fixed my problem and gave my blog alittle overhaul and cleaned up some things I just did not have the knowledge to do. This is a humbling experience, a fellow SU demo and blogger guru who does not know me from Adam took her valuable time to help not ONCE but TWICE!! Asking nothing in return. I asked how much I owed her each time with no response to that question. So I thought the greatest gift I can give her is sharing my story and telling all of you how wonderful she is and you have seen her work all over blog land she creates and maintains alot of these beautiful blogs we love. Heather just recently was published, not an article or a card but a BOOK! It is a book about how to use BLogger.

Go visit her website at www.blogsbyheather.com and I strongly suggest purchasing the book and it will save you time and alot of frustration by learning how to help yourself fix the kind of problems. It is ONLY $17.95. But she has a wide array of services that can increase your business and help you move forward in your blogging endeavors.

Again a HUGE thank you to Heather!


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Heather Wright-Porto said...

Hi Whitney!
Thank you soooo much. That is so kind of you and you are very, very welcome. I hope you continue to enjoy blogging - you know where to find me if ya get stuck (LOL).

Best wishes always,
Heather :D