Friday, December 31, 2010

Our christmas Part -2- A Love Story

This is the face I have been looking for Christmas morning for the last 7 years with this guy, My wonderful husband! I finally got him this year and saved enough to afford a super duper surprise for Christmas morning that I bought solely from my own Stampin' Up! money so it was a complete surprise!

Well now I would not be too successful of a demonstrator if that Patriots blanket was it, now would I? But that blanket is just to keep his feet warm while he enjoys his other gifts.

Here see the dismay & confusion......side bar: we just bought a NEW 52" LED TV right before Christmas and all the techy accessories have to change once you go LED. Come on everyone is suppose to know that! Best Buy thinks so anyway.
So apparently the technological world has been doing this for ages changing techy stuff on the big item so you have to buy all new accessories that are that kind of techy too!
That is why you need a new laptop like every 2 yrs.
I just have to compare it to my recent wardrobe situation for justification...yes after moving to Daytona I have gained more than a few pounds, so if my jeans don't fit I need a whole new wardrobe or either I am getting to the age (like my Aunt who you to have a wardrode is every size range) YIKES come on y'all your metabolism changes after 40 !
Anyhew, back to his gift....

I got him a Blueray surround sound system to go with his new TV and he was completely surprised and blown away! Now we can play our WII again and we did.
Sidebar: He was distrought after we bought the new TV because there wasn't a plug that was adaptable for the Wii gaming system that we ONLY play once a year at Christmas. He became obsessed with it. So the new surround sound system fixed that problem as well!

Family Wii Tournament
Huge Bowling tournament with my brother and his family and out of 10 ppl this ole girl came in 2nd place.
Now being a winner comes with a price girls
seriously after Wii bowling I could not walk for 2 days. LOL
So sad, I guess this is where I should make a New Year's resolution or something...

This is the" HONEY, I love you , you did it look"!
I have tried to get for the last 7 Christmas's but I cannot keep a secret and always blow it!!
Best part is my Stampin' Up! Business paid for this smile, even better.
Progress not perfection !

I want to thank all my wonderful customers and friends in the blogging world who make this a journey and so much fun sharing what I love with them and making money is a perk too!
God has blessed me beyond belief this year and I give all the praise and glory to him!

Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for letting me share a little of our Christmas with you.

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