Saturday, January 1, 2011

Baby Girl is Growing UP!- Last Christmas Story

This is the baby, Ansleigh who is 9. Isn't she looking dapper in her Florida winter wear.
We have broken major winter tempature records here this year .
I think she just looks too cute in this picture.

Okay long story short NO I would never buy a cell phone for a 9 yr old. I had to buy a new fancy 3G phone and this is my old phone which we had an extra aircard line turned phone line on our plan so I activated the phone for her. In hopes of trying to teach her how to actually speak on the phone, it's weird you hand her a phone and she freezes up.

This is her very first IPOD , the little shuffle one started out slow seems like with Chesne they always got lost or stolen in middle school.
Ansleigh's passion for life is in the Sim's World! this kid has every expansion pack for it now and I am telling you she is going to be an architech one day it AMAZES me!!
I always tell her to wear her good Christmas pajamas and here we go, her girl scout shirt and sweats. Gotta love it.

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