Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chesne Gets her Drivers License!!

This is my oldest daughter Chesne who I can't believe will soon be 17!
Yes, I took her to get the old DL! This is before we left the house.
Chesne holding her drivers license in front of the 96 Camry I have saved to give her on this day!

This is right after she came back from her driving test and she knows she passed shes breathing again!

If you have a teenager I strongly suggest the book "The Language of Letting Go " by Melodie Beattie. It will help you through some scary times and help you learn to let go and let them grow up! Remember you raised them, you are not responsible for their choices or their consequences they are!! God however will just give you the strength and courage to help them through life. But God has got them, you are not in control, God is. Ohhhh that is so hard to remember on a daily basis! Keep praying!! I am so proud of my beautiful daughter she has grown up alot this summer. She will be a junior this year!! She knows things now that took me 25 years to learn!

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